Alien Crew has been officially described as “found object art.”

They first recorded in 1985 and continue to perform and record to this day. They have offered their music online in one form or another since 1990.

The “band” formed in the general vicinity of San Francisco, CA, and continue to have representation in the area, though active members are spread across the globe.  They have had many lineups over the years, with only one permanent member, but have always kept all of their members secret - rumored to protect them from their record company contracts.

As a policy, their music has always been free to record, copy, play, download, distribute, re-record, shit-on, or just listen to. They have repeatedly reaffirmed their vow to create and perform “for free” into perpetuity, and as a unit remain profit and earning free to this day.  This is to protect the members from lawyers and copyright owners, but more importantly, it is to ensure the freedom of the creative process.

"Art and money is like oil and water." - Alien Crew