DJ Sets

05 Alien Crew Presents: Industrial 101
All the Gears, They Are Grinding.
live on BoneQuest.FM Feb. 22nd, 2020
180:03 set list

04 Alien Crew Presents: New Wave 103
All The Way... to the FUTURE!
live on BoneQuest.FM Jan. 25th, 2020
183:19 set list

03 Alien Crew Presents: New Wave 102
All The Things - Alien Crew cleans up after the explosion at the 80's music genre factory.
live on BoneQuest.FM Dec. 28th, 2019
180:26 set list

02 Alien Crew Presents: New Wave 101
All the shit the cool kids we're listening to when you weren't.
live on BoneQuest.FM Nov. 30th, 2019
183:32 set list

01 Alien Crew Presents: Funk 101
All the Funk you need to Funk but were afraid to Funking Funk.
live on BoneQuest.FM Oct. 13th, 2019
176:30 set list